Noble Nordmann primary field of expertise is Christmas tress. We work every day to deliver quality trees to whole sellers within the EU.

Noble Nordmann produce Christmas trees on estates in Scotland, Denmark and Hungary. The family owned company was established in 2005 by the forester Jimmi Enevoldsen who during his entire life has had professional focus on cultivation and delivery of the Nordmann Christmas tree Abies nordmaniana.
Noble Nordmann owns 1080 acres in Scotland and grows an additional 340 acres in Denmark and Hungary. Scotland is our prime location for growing nordmann fir as climatic conditions, soil texture and proximity to the British market give unique business options.

Noble Nordmann has the following registered companies: Noble Nordmann ltd (registered in UK), Maviston ltd (registered in UK) a subsidiary of Noble Nordmann ltd, Noble Nordmann A/S (registered in Denmark) and Noble Nordmann Holding A/S (registered in Denmark).

Noble Nordmann runs its operational business by local contractors and has three foresters, one secretary and two financial employees to handle sales, management and administration.