Noble Nordmann utilizes plants from some of the most exclusive garden centers in Denmark. Additionally are the seeds purchased from selected Danish and Georgian contractors, to ensure the Christmas trees’ origin.


The cultivation of the trees is paramount for the final result and accordingly, we at Noble Nordmann, strives to ensure that the quality of the products meets the customers needs and expectations.

To regulate the trees’ width, they are being trimmed in the beginning of each yeah. Furthermore will new rising shoots be cut off to regulate the shapes of the different sorts.
Finally, to obtain the highest visual standards, fertilization is executed to achieve the most optimal colors.


The trees are cut down with either clipper or chain saw, followed by a drying period of 5 days in the plantation, before processed.


All trees will be processed and if desired, we are capable of sharpening the trees beforehand.

Through close collaboration with our employees and contractors, Noble Nordmann attains are careful handling of the trees and packaging on both EUR-pallets and CT pallets.


In season, is great experience within the business securing an on time delivery, as well as trying to meet any customer demands as we strive to satisfy each client.